Force Dredging Systems, are pleased to offer for hire to the civil construction,  marine civil construction and diving companies the superstream dual-purpose dredge pump. The pumps capabilities include cable and pipeline deburial/reburial, caisson clearance, all diving and salvage operations, decommissioning, fish farm maintenance, sea bed levelling, marine excavation, maintenance of canals, berths, docks, ports, harbours, marinas, shiplifts, water treatment works, tank cleaning, geotextile bag inflation, subsea investigations, river crossings and the removal and replenishment of fines, silt, sand, mud, clay, grit, shingle, shale, stones, aggregate and general debris.

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump has been designed to give access to areas where normal dredging equipment cannot work or gain access, this includes under jetty's and piers, confined spaces and culvert clearance, and silt clearance from outfalls and intakes. 

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump is environmentally friendly as it is powered entirely by H.P. water, it has no internal moving parts it will remain operational and reliable for long periods of time. It requires virtually no maintenance, giving less downtime, which in all diving operations may be crucial to both productivity and cost, the pump will handle a wide range of materials and solids ranging in size from 10mm to 75mm in diver/operator mode and 75mm to 150mm in craneage mode.

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump has been built and designed for both diving operations and craneage use, it can also be machine mounted should requirements demand

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump is road transportable, lightweight, compact, robust and can be operated by unskilled labour. 

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump is designed to be versatile giving maximum production and causing a minimum amount of disruption to areas surrounding any works. This equipment also has a wide scope of operation in a civil construction, inshore and offshore markets, and also in any environment where this type of dredging equipment is required to operate.

         The superstream dual-purpose dredge pump in diver mode, is diver friendly and comes with full jetting facility for the disintegration of solids. All units are available with an optional water jetting lance should requirements demand.